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Oklahoma Legal Research: American Law Reports

A.L.R. Description

American Law Reports (A.L.R.) is a serial publication with annotations which are not specific to any jurisdiction. If there is an A.L.R. annotation on your topic, it can save a lot of time for a researcher. The annotations provide a useful summary and practical analysis of the law in a specific area, and they include citations to relevant cases, statutes, regulations, and law review articles across multiple jurisdictions. Each individual annotation provides a Table of Jurisdictions to help the researcher find relevant cases within specific states or federal circuits.

A.L.R. currently consists of eight series covering: (1) 1919-1948); (2) 1948-1965); (3) 1965-1980; (4) 1980-1991; (5) 1991-2006; (6) 2006 - current; and two A.L.R. Federal series. One index covers the first series, and a separate index covers all of the remaining series. The first and second A.L.R. series are now used mostly for historical perspective. Print versions of A.L.R. are not updated regularly, so it is important to always check for updates in the pocket parts.  The Chickasaw Nation Law Library has the 5th and 6th Series, as well as the Federal Series.

Finding an A.L.R. Annotation

In Print

Indexes: indexes are found next to the A.L.R. series at call number KF132.6.I52 1992

  • A.L.R. Index: This multi-volume alphabetical Index includes annotations in all series of A.L.R., except for the oldest, first series. Look up descriptive words or phrases of the legal issue you are researching, and you will be directed to the appropriate annotation(s). Don't forget to check the pocket part located in the back of each volume of the Index, which will update the bound volume. This Index also includes a Table of Laws, Rules, and Regulations pointing you to annotations citing specific federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations.
  • A.L.R. Quick Index: This one-volume soft-cover index includes annotations in the third through sixth A.L.R. series. While the indexing is not as detailed as in the general A.L.R. Index, it is a useful place to start researching when you do not need coverage of federal materials.
  • A.L.R. Federal Quick Index: To locate annotations concerning federal law issues, use this one-volume soft-cover index, which covers A.L.R. Fed. and A.L.R. Fed.2d volumes.

A.L.R. Digest: uses the West Topic and Key Number system and covers all series of A.L.R. Over four hundred topics are arranged alphabetically. By locating the appropriate legal topic, the researcher mines the digest paragraphs for cases reported in the A.L.R. series, along with a list of the annotations that deal with the particular subject.

Online with Lexis or Westlaw (Current students should access these databases through the Law Library Databases page.)

From a Relevant Primary Source: Shepardize or KeyCite a relevant case, statute, or regulation. The result will list any applicable A.L.R. annotations, except for those published in the first series.

Search Results: filter results by Secondary Sources and then by A.L.R., either before or after your term search