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Oklahoma Legal Research: Oklahoma Regulations

Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act

The enabling act for Oklahoma is called the Administrative Procedures Act, and it is located at 75 O.S. §§ 250-323. A link to the Act is provided below:

Organization of the Oklahoma Administrative Code

As described in the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) § 655:10-3-10 (2011), the OAC is organized into the following six major divisions:

1) Titles. Each Title identifies an administrative agency, except for Title 1, which includes executive orders.

2) Chapters. Each Chapter identifies a major area of regulatory control within an agency's authority. Each Chapter identifies a group of Sections, which are:

    • A) Related to the same major agency program or legally-designated regulatory power;
    • B) Dependent on a common set of definitions; or
    • C) Independent of another Chapter in meaning or effect.

3) Subchapters. Each Subchapter identifies a group of Sections related to the same general subject within a Chapter. The use of Subchapters is optional.

4) Parts. Each Part identifies a group of Sections related to the same subject within a Subchapter. The use of Parts is optional.

5) Sections. Each Section identifies a specific agency statement within a Chapter, Subchapter, or Part. Each Section is considered to be a single “rule.”

6) Appendices. Each Appendix identifies a graphic ....

For example, 655:10-3-10 refers to the Oklahoma Secretary of State regulation in Title 665, Chapter 10, Subchapter 3, Part 3, Section 10.

Register vs. Code

Proposed and final regulations are published chronologically in the Oklahoma Register; then, final regulations are codified (i.e., arranged by topic) in the Oklahoma Administrative Code. See the links below to these print resources in the Law Library catalog:

Online Resources

Free Resources

Oklahoma Secretary of State - Office of Administrative Rules: This website allows users to search and browse both the Oklahoma Register and the Oklahoma Administrative Code. Also available are Resources for the Public and a flowchart of the rulemaking process in Oklahoma.

Pursuant to 74 O.S. § 3106.4, "public bodies" (i.e., state agencies) in Oklahoma are required to publish their proposed and adopted regulations online, so be sure to check agency websites for free access to these.

Subscription Resources (Current students should access these databases through the Law Library Databases page.)

Oklahoma regulations are available on Lexis and Westlaw within the Oklahoma databases.

Oklahoma Bar Association members can also use their membership-included subscription to FastCase to search and browse regulations.