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Practice Resources: Texas Legal Research Resources

Books about Texas Legal Research

Texas Research Guides

The University of Houston's O'Quinn Law Library has research guides on Texas Legal Ethics and Texas Legislative History. 

The South Texas College of Law's Fred Parks Law Library has a research guide on Texas Statutes and Codes and one on Texas Legislative History.

Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law Underwood Law Library has LibGuides on a variety of Texas-specific areas of law, from Texas Child Support to Texas Divorce.

Texas Tech University's Law Library has research guides on Texas Legislative History and on Texas Probate.

The University of Texas' Tarlton Law Library includes research guides on Finding Texas Law at Tarlton, Texas Death Penalty Law, Texas Legal Research on the Web, and Texas Legislative History Research.

Texas Wesleyan University's (Now known as Texas A&M School of Law) Dee J. Kelly Law Library has LibGuides on Finding Texas Administrative Law Materials, Finding Texas Case Law, Texas Forms and Formbooks, and Texas Guardianship.


Texas Statutes

Texas has revised statutes and a civil code.  The Texas Legislative Council has been working since 1963 to incorporate all provisions of the revised statutes into the civil code.  Disposition tables show the location of revised statute material in the civil code.  Derivation tables show where code provisions were located in the statutes.  The statutes and the code are officially known as:

Texas Revised Civil Statutes Annotated (also known as Vernon's or the Black Statutes)

Texas Codes Annotated

Both are located at the Oklahoma City University Law Library. 

(Information from the Practice Resources Research Guide by Lee Peoples, 2005)

Texas Session Laws

Texas session laws are found in Vernon's Texas Session Law Service (a pamphlet publication) and in General & Special Laws of Texas, which is the final publication.

Electronically, the session laws may be accessed on HeinOnline from the Session Laws Library

Texas Cases

"The Texas judiciary consists of the Supreme Court of Texas, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, fourteen courts of appeals, district courts, constitutional county courts, county courts at law, probate courts, municipal courts and justice of the peace courts."  Brandon D. Quarles and Matthew C. Cordon, Legal Research for the Texas Practitioner 73 (New York: Hein, 2003).

For more information about the court system, consult the guides available from the website of the Office of Court Administration, accessible at:

Cases are published in the following:

South Western Reporter

Texas Reports

Texas Criminal Reports

Texas Court of Appeals Reports

Texas Digest

Texas Digest, 2d

Texas Attorney General Opinions

Texas Attorney General opinions are accessible from the Attorney General's website:

Texas Administrative Law

Texas administrative law is found in the Texas Register and in the Texas Administrative Code.  Both are available in print and from the Texas Secretary of State's website at

Texas Practice Guides

Harasimchuk, Cathleen C., Texas Rules of Evidence Handbook (Houston: Jones Publishing, 2000) Call # KFT 1740 .T39

O'Connor's Litigation Series

  • O'Connor's Texas Civil Appeals: Practice Guide and Annotated Rules of Appellate Procedure with Forms (Dallas: American Lawyer Media, 2012) Call # KFT 1755 .A352
  • O'Connor's Texas Rules Civil Trials: Practice Guides and Annotated Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence (Dallas: American Lawyer Media, 2012) Call # KFT 1729 .AZ

West's Texas Practice Guides are more practice oriented than the treatise series.  They include forms and checklists.  The series is available through Westlaw in the Texas database.  Oklahoma City University School of Law has the following two titles in print:

  • Texas Practice Guide: Alternative Dispute Resolution Call # KFT 1760.3 .L49
  • Texas Practice Guide: Discovery Call # KFT 1737 .K44

There are titles in the West's Texas Practice Guides that the Oklahoma City University Law Library does not have in print but that are accessible through Westlaw.

  • Texas Practice Guide: Civil Appeals
  • Texas Practice Guide: Civil Pretrial
  • Texas Practice Guide: Civil Trial
  • Texas Practice Guide: Creditors' Rights
  • Texas Practice Guide: Evidence
  • Texas Practice Guide: Family Law
  • Texas Practice Guide: Personal Injury
  • Texas Practice Guide: Probate

Texas Encyclopedias

Texas Jurisprudence, 3d (St. Paul: West, 2000). The Law Library no longer updates as of 2001, but it is available through Westlaw.

Texas Form Books

  • Texas Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms, Call # KFT 1730 .A65.  Dropped in 1992, but it is available through Westlaw.
  • West's Texas Forms, available in Westlaw.
  • Stevenson's Texas Legal Practice Forms
  • Texas Family Law Practice Manual
  • Legal Form Manual for Real Estate Transactions
  • Texas Criminal Practice Guide
  • O'Connor's Texas Civil Forms


Texas Jury Instructions

  • Texas Pattern Jury Charges
  • Pattern Jury Instructions Civil and Criminal Cases
  • Texas Practice Series: The Jury Charge for Texas Civil Litigation.  Also available through Westlaw.

Texas Legal Directories

Texas Legal Directory (Legal Directories Publishing Co., 2008) (Library no longer subscribes) Call # JK 4830 .T38.  Contains information about attorneys, pictorial directory of judges, and courthouse contact information.

Texas Treatises

  • Dorsaneo, William V., Texas Civil Procedure: Pretrial Litigation (New York: Matthew Bender, 1999) Call # KFT 1737 .D67

Smith, Earnest E., Texas Law of Oil and Gas (Lexis Publishing, 2000--no longer updated) Call # KFT 1485 .A1

West's Texas Practice Series are essentially treatises focusing on substantive areas of Texas law.  Oklahoma City University Law Library has only the following two volumes:

  • Criminal Forms and Trial Manual, Call # KFT 1775 .A65 M3
  • Handbook on Texas Discovery Practice, Call # KFT 1737 .H36

Other titles in the series that Oklahoma City University Law Library does not have include:

  • Guide to the Texas Rules of Evidence: Civil and Criminal
  • Land Titles and Title Examination; Remedies: Injunctions and Other Extraordinary Proceedings
  • Texas Law of Wills
  • Texas Methods of Practice
  • Probate and Decedent's Estates
  • Business Organizations
  • Property Taxes
  • Municipal Law and Practice
  • Civil Pre-trial Practice
  • Consumer Rights and Remedies
  • Juvenile Law and Practice
  • Texas Civil Trial and Appellate Procedure
  • Handbook of Texas Family Law
  • Jury Charge in Texas Civil Litigation
  • County and Special District
  • Workers' Compensation Law and Practice
  • Criminal Practice and Procedure
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Environmental Law


Texas Citation Manual

Texas Rules of Form, 12th ed., Texas Law Review, eds. (Also known as The Greenbook).  Call # KFT 1275 .T4 2010.  Intended to supplement The Bluebook and provide additional guidance in citing Texas materials.

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